Why isn’t Quick swap exchange connecting with my trust wallet????

Trust wallet is no longer supported by all phones. When you look at the Google Play Store, you will notice a lot of complaints, and I believe they are working on a solution for their next update. While the Trust wallet is not the only wallet to use. Let’s take a look at metamask as an alternative.

The following is a step-by-step guide to utilizing the Metamask wallet:

1. Go to and download metamask.

2. Make sure you have a clear copy of your secret phrase in your trust wallet.

3. To import your trust wallet account on metamask, go to meta mask wallet and click import wallet, then fill in the secret phrase. (Don’t worry; all of your funds will be safe.) If you already have Metamask, you can skip this step and simply add polygon chain as described in the next step, then send your music to the wallet address. When copying, please double-check that the wallet address matches the one on your metamask to avoid losing cash.)

4. Now go to your browser and type ( and click submit or done.

5. The website goes live.

6. Scroll down and select Polygon rather than Polygon Testnet from the drop-down menu.

7. Tap the add button on the polygon’s side.

Accept all, and the network will switch immediately.

9. Congratulations if you have already imported a trusted wallet.

10. 10.Feel free to add or import tokens, as long as the polygon chain is intact and the AMT token contract is pasted ( 0xedBe70ef62b74730215728eD6B3F1f8705E3c58B )

11.To buy, paste the buy URL into the metamask browser and set the slippage to 20 (

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